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What a fun, sexy time you'll have

Just to prove that I'm not totally obsessed with Robert Pattinson, here is something I've been meaning to post for, like, the past week. I've become totally obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe's taste in music. First, there's this Blender article about his favorite albums (random semi-outdated potshots at Avril Lavigne are totally the way to win my heart). And that's very hot. I'm not usually all into him, because he's about 16 and I'm 20. So that always seems a bit weird to be like, "Harry Potter is so hot." But I totally want to have sex with his music taste if that was even possible. Also, he had an iTunes playlist about a week ago and since that's harder to link to if you don't have iTunes, I figured I'd make screen captures of it since he has the best music taste ever. In case you have no interest in Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, or anything related to any of that, I've also uploaded all the songs on his iTunes playlist under that following cut (in addition to the screen captures).

I LOVE HIS MUSIC! And like I promised, all of his picks uploaded:
Hope There's Someone - Antony and the Johnsons
What I'm Looking For - Brendan Benson
Neighborhood #1 - The Arcade Fire
Carrion - British Sea Power
Orgasm Addict - The Buzzcocks (Because it's the only Buzzcocks song I have and I didn't want to download Boredom)
Man Ray - The Futureheads
Me Ves Y Sufres - Hope of the States
Gouge Away - Pixies
Music When The Lights Go Out - The Libertines
Buddy Holly - Weezer

And because I'm sadly very into the actual songs from the Harry Potter soundtrack, here are the three songs "by" The Weird Sisters:
Do the Hippogriff
This is the Night
Magic Works

My actual favorite part of that aforementioned Blender article is how he knows all about the members of all the bands except for Weezer where he's all, "Dude, is Rivers Cuomo weird?" Because I swear to god if you do any sort of cursory search on Weezer you just come up with a blank page that's like RIVERS CUOMO = WEIRD.

We've been watching Degrassi (both old and new school) for about the past week and it rocks so hard. Mainly because it sucks so much and is so easy to make fun of, but at the same time is like totally cool. The new episode on Friday looks kick ass, because the one kid comes out to his dad during a play. Yeah, it goes there. "There" being that time that kid everyone knew was gay came out to his dad during some other kids's monologue totally ruining the whole play. There was an old school episode where Joey Jeremiah (how sad is it that I know their names?) found out this other kid was being beaten by his dad and then bought a jacket from him. Then there was a new school episode where Joey adopted Craig who was being beaten up by his dad. It was the same exact plot. We wanted Joey to start crying and going, "I know about abuse! MY JACKET BELONGED TO MY ABUSED FRIEND! Boo hoo hoo." But he didn't. It was a very wasted opportunity.

I've been out drinking this evening with my apartment mates (hello, Rachel! Thanks for adding me back to your friends list), so if any parts of this entry are incoherent or anything, it's the alcohol's fault. Sadly, I'm not often incoherent when I'm under the influence of alcohol, I'm still a bit boring actually.
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