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Stupid sexy Flanders

I have very much nothing to do. I don't appear to have any homework yet. On the basis of what we've been doing in my one class that seems to be vaguely about the government, I won't have any homework that's hard. I think one of my fellow classmates in my vaguely about the government class implied today that liberals were responsible for Hitler and would do illegal things to the Tax Code like have gay sex with it. Or some such, I wasn't really paying attention.

Now I will steal from myself and do a meme I did awhile ago:

Top Ten Fictional Characters I Would Totally Do. With pictures.

I, uh, may have gone totally overboard with this, so this has way more pictures than necessary and is sorta huge. Seriously, I have nothing to do. And I like going through mounds of screen caps. This is why I'm pumped to go through volumes of statutes for my legal research class. I like monotonous work.

I'm also very anal and was sad that I couldn't figure out a way to crop all the pictures to the same exact size. Here goes (in no order of any kind):

1. James Bond. His snappy ensemble in the first picture is my favorite thing he wears in the whole movie for some reason.

2. Nathan Petrelli, Heroes. I like jerky bureaucrats as I would also possibly do the Horn-Rimmed Glasses guy or whatever he's called. Did I also mention I've maybe only seen four episodes of this show? Adrian Pasdar is hot is what I'm saying. I'm possibly meh about Milo Ventigmila or however you spell his name.

3. Special Agent Fox Mulder, The X-Files. I like mainly Special Agents and government workers.

4. Dr. Doug Ross, E.R. I like doctors too. And George Clooney.

5. Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who/Torchwood. Also yay Captains of whatever!

6. E.J. Wells, Days of Our Lives. Yeah, I went there, I'm including Days. Because E.J.'s hot, British, shot John Black, carries around big wads of sweaty money, and is SOOPER EVOL!! I'm sure once he comes back from his John shooting hiatus he'll have a long handlebar mustache and laugh maniacally and tie Sami Brady to the Salem train track. He's just that evil! And soap operas are just that dumb.


7. Evil Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman, Prison Break. At least he's not quite as insane as T-Bag or crazy Mahone. Plus, he was pretend gay for Dr. Sara.

8. Tommy Gavin, Rescue Me. Like I'd do him once and then try to never see him again, since he's a total nutbar.

9. Tobias Beecher, Oz. Aw, poor Toby and his insane amounts of angst and nakedness and gay prison sex. He's not so pretend gay for Detective Stabler.

10. Dr. Zoidberg, Futurama. I told you, I like doctors. I also couldn't think of a tenth person.

Yay! That took forever! Now I'm going to sleep.
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