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That's not a fanbase, that's just a woman

I spent my morning trying to move as much stuff out of my apartment as possible, since we're all moving out in a week. That made me incredibly tired. That and the fact that I stayed up most of the night. Not much else is going on, except I plan on sleeping for a long time, so I have another meme. About provocative things like sexy people and the like.

(1) List 5 8! celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them.
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people. NO! That only ever serves to highlight my lack of a friends list!

I had five celebrities at first, but then I kept seeing movie trailers and things with other hot people I hadn't thought of, so I've got eight. I'm clearly such a rebel what with my refusal to follow the rules of this meme. Also, they're not in order of anything really, because that would be hard (though the first five people I thought of are first). I kind of went crazy with the amount of pictures I found and my photoshop program that I'm crap at using.

1. John Simm. I saw him first on Doctor Who, though I started watching Life on Mars that same weekend (I had had it downloaded for months and never got around to watching it). Life on Mars is like the greatest show ever; I love it tons. He's really hot, but I also think he's a really, really good actor and I always like that. He never fails to make me go "AWWWW!" over like everything he does. I wish he was going to be in the Americanized movie version of State of Play as opposed to Brad Pitt. I also think it's hot that he was in a band and their music actually gets catchier and catchier the more I listen to it.

2. Simon Pegg. Haha, I liked him in Mission Impossible 3 when I saw it earlier this year. But I fell in love with him when I saw Hot Fuzz. I even bought Spaced on DVD after only watching a couple episodes and not loving it that much (it's actually pretty awesome, I watched the entire first season the other night). And Shaun of the Dead is my new favorite movie (I just bought it from Amazon UK and about five days later it went on sale for incredibly cheap at Giant Eagle and I almost bought it again because I can't resist good deals on DVDs. I only didn't buy it because we didn't have it in stock at the Giant Eagle I work at). He's just so cute and hilarious! I like that he's really geeky, that's quite hot.

3. David Tennant! Obviously, Doctor Who is where I saw him first. I think I've enjoyed him more on this current season than last season, but I don't know why. I'm awful at writing about people, I just want to be like, "Uh, I like them because they're smoking hot. That's it. Bye." That's basically why I like him. That and he's really awesome on Doctor Who. I also think his accent is incredibly hot.

4. Daniel Craig. Basically Casino Royale is the greatest action movie ever. I love stuff like that with people getting beaten up, shirts being taken off, and women being comforted in showers. I've liked him in other things too, like Enduring Love and Layer Cake, but I mainly just really love Casino Royale. I'm really looking forward to The Golden Compass, though that's also because I loved the books. (I may not love him enough to see The Invasion.)

5. Stephen Colbert. I just think The Colbert Report is more awesome than The Daily Show right now. I love how absurd it often is, what with the green screen challenges and metaphor-offs. I have never considered buying one of those cause-supporting bracelets before, but I'm totally buying his Wrist Strong bracelet. Poor Stephen's broken wrist! I seriously think he's the coolest person ever.

6. Jason Bateman. I've been watching Arrested Development lots the last couple weeks and it's one of my favorite shows ever. It has one of the prettiest casts ever (Doctor Who is equally hot), but Jason Bateman is especially pretty. I even bought this movie called Breaking the Rules that was really awful just because he was in it. As an aside, all these pictures are from the greatest Esquire magazine "article" ever, which was 8 pages of pictures of him (I don't even think there was an actual interview or anything with it). This is why Esquire is fantastic.

7. David Duchovny. I've mentioned it before, but I first saw him in Return to Me, which I still inexplicably love. It was just on Lifetime the other night and I ended up watching part of it for the millionth time. I don't usually like movies like that, but he's great in it (as is Minnie Driver) and it's really cute. I love The X-Files more though (just make another movie already!). I don't know if Californication looks good, but I might download one episode just to see.

8. Clive Owen. I would have to say I first saw him in Sin City, but I don't know. I watched Bent forever ago (which is like the most depressing movie ever), but I didn't realize it was him in it. I wasn't even thinking about him until I saw those incessant previews for that incredibly stupid-looking movie coming out with him and Paul Giamatti (Shoot 'em Up? I don't know, something about guns), but I'll probably see it because he's so hot. Maybe it will be good and not completely inane? I thought he was fantastic in Children of Men and should have gotten something for it.

Maybe one day I will post about something important, like the environment, or something with a little more depth and insight into my soul (though you've probably gotten a lot of insight into my soul in this entry since my soul is very shallow). Or maybe I'll do this same post but with musicians I think are hot. That might work.
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