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Some men just want to watch the world burn

The Dark Knight was amazing. I saw it Saturday morning in IMAX and it looked so fantastic. I enjoyed Batman Begins, but I liked this a ton better. Much more tense. It had a lot more funny lines than reviews led me to believe. And obviously, Heath Ledger was brilliant in it (maybe I should actually watch Brokeback Mountain). The Joker wasn't even that scary, but he was great at acting totally fucking nuts. But, seriously?

AARON FUCKING ECKHART YO! I totally adore him. I was all, "AW, HARVEY DENT!" throughout the whole movie. Because seriously, AW HARVEY DENT. And it doesn't hurt that he's very good-looking.

(I'm glad he didn't accidentally OD on sleeping pills too. Nice Mormons don't do that! I think. Which is good, because I like him best alive. Was that too far? Being a jerk is just how I cope with the deaths of people I don't know.)

So I rented No Reservations which was somehow both adorable and totally shit. The plot was basically just a bunch of romantic comedy cliches stuffed together incoherently, but there were a couple cute parts. Like things Aaron Eckhart did mainly. It felt rushed and even though I was completely bored by it, it seemed like it should have been longer.

Also, Gary Oldman was amazing x infinity. I always disliked the lack of Oldman in Batman Begins. Lt. Gordon is just so nice and I love that. He was seriously breaking my heart throughout the entire film. Actually, I nearly cried numerous times during the last 15 minutes or so.

Okay, Bruce Wayne, I know you're all, "Oh, I won't kill anyone," but you probably killed like five dogs. They don't work like humans. You can't just throw them around and be like, "Yeah, I bet they lived." I mean, there wasn't anything he could do about killing them really, but it was maybe unnecessary to have dogs being thrown around.

I also loved how when Rachel and Harvey were talking to each other while they were being held captive, she did nothing to disabuse him of the notion that everyone would come save her. He was like, "They'll save you!" and she was all, "Yeah, I know." A small, "Oh, they might save you!" might have been nice. It was like, yes, yes, they'll save me, let me get on with telling you all about how much I love you so that you can shove your face around in the gas you knocked over and go crazy. But AW HARVEY DENT! I hope he's not dead.

I didn't care that Batman had the entire town wiretapped, because it seemed pretty effective. It wasn't like Bruce was going to use it to find out some girl's likes and dislikes and then go out and try to date her.

I've never seen the first two Batman movies, so I probably should watch those. I actually really enjoy Batman Forever for no particular reason, because I don't really like Val Kilmer as Batman. It's not painfully awful like Batman and Robin was, at least.
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