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"It's always nice to see young people taking an interest in danger"

I can't sleep, even though I worked all last night and I have to go to work kind of early tomorrow morning. So I've spent some considerable time trying to find photos of celebrities skateboarding, because skateboarding is kind of hot. I didn't have much luck in this regard. Maybe Tyra will do some skateboarding photoshoot on Top Model and I'll die of happiness. Tyra could relate some anecdote about how she went skateboarding in L.A. and some famous fashion person was like, "Tyra, you're the most special person in the world because you can skateboard!" and then they made her skateboard down the runway and she worked it, because she's Tyra Banks and she can do anything.

So what I've got is less of a general skateboarding picspam and more of a Simon Baker skateboarding picspam. I watched The Mentalist whenever it was on and I kind of loved it a lot (it's clearly just Psych with more dramatics, but whatever). It was a bit funny, but it was also really fucked-up in an interesting way. I'd probably watch Simon Baker in anything, though, because he's extremely attractive and I'm extremely shallow. I semi-watched The Guardian just because he was in it and as I recall, that was kind of a dumb show. And as soon as I post this, my plan is to either fall asleep or fast-forward through The Devil Wears Prada to see the parts he was in.

Yeah, a bird and Simon Pegg were about the best I could find. Not that I don't love Simon Pegg (or his appearances on The Soup), but I was hoping that maybe, like, Daniel Craig was prone to skateboarding.

Then Paul Newman died and I thought maybe he had skateboarded at some point in his life, but I couldn't find any pictures proving that theory. So to honor him, I did a horrible job doctoring a picture I found so that his passing could fit in with the theme of this post.

RIP, Paul Newman, you possible skateboarder!
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