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"I remember when I had arms and legs and it was awesome"

I have seen concerts. I am not looking forward to my "vacation" ending sometime tomorrow morning. I have thoughts about music and concerts and life (no, probably not life). Here are some of those thoughts:

I am bound and determined - to an almost neurotic degree - to be everywhere like a million hours early (I had so much anxiety when I went on that cruise over getting to shows on time that it was ridiculous, like I somehow convinced my roommate who went to one of the Mountain Goats shows with me that we needed to be there about a half hour early which almost didn't feel early enough, but was way earlier than we got to some shows. Also by getting there early, we saw their sound check, so there are usually benefits to my craziness). So my mom and I drove up to Kenyon last Sunday for the John Darnielle/John Vanderslice concert and we got there several hours early and I spent most of my time walking from our hotel to the concert venue and back hoping that a line would form at some point for me to stand in. I finally got a spot in line and was able to stand right in front of the stage so it all worked out. I similarly showed up at the Newport on Monday about two hours early for the Gaslight Anthem/Heartless Bastards concert, though I at least had plans to eat before actually getting in line.

Had I known on the cruise that the audience is supposed to scream along to No Children at Mountain Goats shows, well, I wouldn't actually have lead the audience in song or anything, but maybe I would have thought, "This is one of the best songs ever, you really should be screaming along." I took incredibly bad footage of No Children (see it here!), the poor quality being due 85% to my crappy camera, 10% to the super dark lighting conditions at the concert, and 5% to my anxiety over looking like that weirdo who tapes concerts on their shitty camera at super darkly lit concerts. I have a video of This Year that is mainly one long John Darnielle crotch shot, because I wanted to record that song, but I didn't want to be obvious about filming him. Anyway, John Darnielle? Is still way amazing and hilarious between songs etc. etc. This video of Woke Up New was taken right beside me and his introduction is so fucking amazing.

John Vanderslice was super cool too and even though I only knew one song he played, I enjoyed him a ton and I'd definitely see him again (Someone else's video of him playing Pale Horse). He was even helping sell merch after the show, so I got to buy a t-shirt from him. Also, he's kind of a good-looking dude:

I was second in line at the Gaslight Anthem concert and I almost made the mistake of getting a spot in the mosh pit area, which would have been a disaster as I don't do mosh pits because I don't like smelling of beer and getting bruised. The Gaslight Anthem were great though, I think there was maybe only one song off The '59 Sound that they didn't play (they played a ton of songs), so I was happy. I loved Heartless Bastards too, they were absolutely amazing.

So have some music by all these people.
Woke Up New - The Mountain Goats
Collapsing Stars - The Mountain Goats
You're In Maya - The Mountain Goats
From TG&Y - The Mountain Goats (this song is still trying to make me cry)
Pale Horse - John Vanderslice
They Won't Let Me Run - John Vanderslice
Promising Actress - John Vanderslice
The Mountain - Heartless Bastards
Be So Happy - Heartless Bastards
Nothing Seems the Same - Heartless Bastards
High Lonesome - The Gaslight Anthem
Film Noir - The Gaslight Anthem
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - The Gaslight Anthem

Thumbs up to both of those shows! Now I need to find some more things to do, maybe concerts, maybe not. But things would be good.
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