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I wanted to pummel you with a manhole cover

Oh, American Idol, way to break my heart and kick off Allison Iraheta. She was super awesome and totally my favorite and really good-looking. For a girl. A 17-year old girl. My feelings about her are not weird at all.

But, man, this season is kind of so boring it hurts. Also, I love almost everyone. But so boring! Like even Allison was often boring. And the final two is going to be hilarious, because it's totally going to be between the religious dude with a dead wife and the dude who's super gay (and it should have been between Allison and someone else, maybe the gay guy, I wouldn't have cared). They've got like less than nothing in common. The dude with the dead wife is so awful, because every song he sings is either subliminally about his dead wife or like totally beating you over the head about how dead his wife is. We get it, dude, your wife is dead, stop making me feel like an asshole for disliking you so much. Also, LOL at the ladies in the audience who are like, "I wanna marry you, guy with a dead wife!" Are you not paying attention to the recently deceased wife bit of his whole sob story because while your relationship with him will never be anything but imaginary, it'd probably be a screwed-up imaginary relationship seeing as how he's SINGING SONGS TO HIS DEAD WIFE! I know when I want dates (I don't want dates), I totally hit up support groups for people with recently deceased spouses. Because that's normal. It's still my favorite season ever, sort of, and I think the guy with the dead wife is a great singer despite his awful personality and multitudes of stupid glasses (I could write a whole separate entry about his awful glasses). Like if you only pay attention to his singing - it's best not to actually look at him during his performances - then he's cool.

I don't know what else. I've had a super boring week and am working 40 hours next week (at the moment I will gladly trade having a life for making lots of monies), so I'm not doing anything interesting except working and going to classes (classes are boring too). To make up for this non-entry, here are some songs I'm loving at the moment:
Evangeline by Handsome Furs. I've had the album this is off of, Face Control, on repeat for weeks. It's fantastic.
Bitch, I Love You by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears
Nikki Oh Nikki by John Vanderslice
Now We Can See by The Thermals
We Almost Had a Baby by Emmy the Great
Do the Strand by Scissor Sisters
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