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"This is, apparently, the first time a musical number has been written for a wolverine.''

This is my 500th post! What an exciting time. You could say that because I joined LiveJournal in 2004, that amounts to 100 posts a year, but you'd be wrong. I actually have posts here from as far back as 1999, because I'm a slightly neurotic completionist and I've imported entries from when I was using Diaryland and before that, actually writing in a diary with a pencil like a lowly commoner without the internet. So it's more like 50 entries a year. I need to step up my game. I mention the part about the entries from 1999 just as a public service announcement of sorts, since while you can read those entries, I'm not actually suggesting that anyone do so as they are quite old (I was fourteen in 1999) and they might shatter the illusion that I'm cool and you have better things to do than read really old diary entries. I'd hate to be fourteen now and have access to the internet and write embarrassing things about celebrities I like. So just imagine what I currently post about and then imagine things that were popular a decade ago and subtract what little I've learned about writing in the ensuing years and you have my journal from 1999.

So here's a 500th entry picspam of 20 people that I respect and admire. Which generally translates to dudes I think are hot. Currently, not like a retrospective of people I've liked over the years. That'd be work, yo.

1. Richard Armitage

I haven't yet finished the last season of Robin Hood, but it's a dumb show and I really only watch it for him. Mainly, I'm just uber-excited that Spooks is back, because it's the best show ever. Hopefully, watching it while it actually broadcasts won't ruin my love for it, as when I originally watched it last year, I watched all seven seasons in about a month. That was fun. But, it's Richard Armitage on Spooks! That's never not hot. And North and South, yo! Which is still not my favorite thing, but you know, top hats and hotness. Good times. Usually.

2. Simon Baker

I currently have two movies featuring him from Blockbuster Online that I really need to return (or I just need to quit Blockbuster Online, because I'm currently shit at watching movies and returning them in a timely fashion), but I kind of want to watch them, because he's adorable. The Mentalist is such an infuriating show, because I feel like it could be much better than it is, but I like it all the same. He's so adorable on it! When there are scenes not involving him, I kind of just tune out. I often have no idea who was killed or why, because I pay attention to so little of the actual plot. He's basically adorable in everything I've seen him in, which admittedly isn't much since I haven't watched my movies from Blockbuster, but whatever. He's adorable. The end.

P.S. That Sleuth channel has been airing The Guardian and I've watched it a few times and he's super hot on that. Drug addicts who help children are hot! Man, that show was sort of awesome.

3. Josh Brolin (or Jo. Bro. as I think he should be called)

He's so handsome. I haven't watched anything with him in it in awhile, but I look forward to his upcoming projects. I don't know what those are, but I'm sure they'll be good. Actually, I re-watched Milk fairly recently and I think that movie is amazing and he's so good in it. He was also great when he hosted Saturday Night Live last year. What I really want to re-watch is Flirting With Disaster, because while if I wanted to be cool I'd say my favorite movie he's been in is No Country For Old Men, it's actually Flirting With Disaster. What an excellent movie.

4. Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is my favorite fake news anchor. I would expound on this, but you could just buy that semi-recent Rolling Stone magazine with him on the cover. Or you could read this excerpt from that interview. Basically, he's adorable and amazing. And he had the Mountain Goats on last month and I died of glee. Oh, and he sang with them after the show. Yeah, he's definitely the best.

5. Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is super hot. Also, he likes terrible reality shows. I feel like these two things are important. Like that time he was on Regis & Kelly and he talked about how much he hated Living Lohan, but he clearly watched it all the time? That was great. Also, he's a serious news guy, but I don't watch him on CNN all that much.

6. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is the hottest person alive. The end.

7. The Mountain Goats

By the Mountain Goats, I am mostly referring to John Darnielle. I am very serious about John Darnielle, like not in the sense that I'll soon be arrested for stalking him, but in the sense that I think he's a wonderful person and I would be sad if people actively disliked him. I find it impossible to be jokey about most things involving him (confession: one of his recentish blog entries made me cry). The Sunset Tree is one of my favorite albums of all time. Their new album where all the songs titles are bible verses is pretty fantastic. But getting away from my emo tendencies towards crying over random people's personal lives, none of this is to say that I don't find John Darnielle sort of hot, because I do, and in fact, I find this performance of Houseguest to be massively hot, mostly due to my continuing thing for people smoking cigarettes. I would like very much to spend five days on a cruise with the Mountain Goats again, because that was maybe the greatest thing ever.

Peter Hughes, also of the Mountain Goats, is incredibly hot and I enjoy him in a less 'I'm a huge fucking crybaby' type of way. Here he's performing a song from an album he's working on and being ridiculously good-looking while doing so.

8. Robert Downey Jr.

I know I mentioned that I'm not interested in Sherlock Holmes, but whateves. He's still hot in that recovering drug addict sort of way. Like if Sherlock Holmes didn't look stupid, I'd be all up in that shit. Iron Man 2 will probably be fantastic, even with Scarlett Johansson. My mom and I even bought the entire series of Ally McBeal, just for the season he was in.

9. Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart is so good-looking it's sort of criminal, especially because I think actually wanting to see Love Happens in the theaters is grounds for arrest on charges of liking terrible movies or something. I want to see Love Happens in the theaters (is it still in the theaters? I don't think it still is). As far as good movies go, I would highly, highly, highly, recommend Conversations With Other Women, because ugh, that was such an adorable and bittersweet movie and I don't often get all sappy over movies that are adorable and bittersweet, because I'm an asshole.

10. James Franco

If I had a type, it wouldn't actually be Daniel Desario from Freaks and Geeks, but I could maybe pretend it was. I re-watched Freaks and Geeks last year sometime and seriously, that's one of the best shows ever and I love James Franco so much in it. I really enjoyed him in Milk too, but Freaks and Geeks is the best. Also, he's going to be on General Hospital. I approve! He might already be on General Hospital and I missed it, I'm not totally sure. I don't watch General Hospital, but I think him being on it will be hilarious and awesome.

11. Green Day, but mostly Mike Dirnt

I really like Green Day. I don't think their newest album is as good as American Idiot, but American Idiot was amazing. It's too bad they didn't come to Columbus on their latest tour, because I would have loved to have seen them again.

12. Keeley Hawes & Matthew Macfadyen

I would have separated them, since I don't just like them as a couple because they're both equally hot. I couldn't find good pictures of them separately, so I combined them (also, it allowed me to cheat and include a 21st person on the list). Also, based on the pictures I've looked at, they're adorable as a couple.

While I've not finished either Generation Kill or Little Dorrit, I kind of was super happy that Little Dorrit won Best Miniseries at the Emmy awards, because what I saw was excellent and Matthew Macfadyen was super cute in it. (Generation Kill is really great too, though instead of finishing the show, I may just read the book.) And Keeley Hawes is super hot in Ashes to Ashes, which I haven't seen the second season of, but I still got my parents to import it from Amazon UK as Christmas present. The episode of Ashes to Ashes that Matthew Macfadyen guest-starred on is probably my favorite episode of the first season.

13. Hugh Jackman

So, I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (though I have not seen Wolverine), but I adore Broadway Hugh Jackman. Also, Movie Star Hugh Jackman tends to make movies that are lame. The clip is from the Tony awards when The Boy From Oz was nominated for a bunch of awards. I love musicals and dancing and singing and after he hosted the Oscars, I couldn't stop watching videos of him singing and dancing. I feel like Australia might have been better had there been singing. I wish he would make movies of all the musicals ever. He should be in a movie version of some musical, like something or whatever or Into the Woods (because that's one of my favorite musicals and a movie of that might complete my life). He's also on Broadway with Daniel Craig right now, though it's not a musical, but I would see that so hard.

14. Steven Page

I still can't bring myself to be sad he broke up Barenaked Ladies. Look at him, he's still the best! Barenaked Ladies (the Steven Page era) is my favorite band in the world, but they released a lot of albums and I saw them 10 times in concert, so it's not like they're Panic at the Disco! or something. They've done a lot, is what I'm saying. Steven Page can be awesome on his own now. I'm ridiculously pumped for his solo efforts and largely unenthused for the remaining members of Barenaked Ladies' combined efforts (I'll still get their album and maybe see them in concert, I'll just secretly be like, "You're lacking in Steven Page!"). I'm threatening to make one of those fuck yeah! tumblrs on tumblr dedicated to him, though I doubt there's much interest in that, but you know, I like him that much and maybe it will make me internet famous! I long to be internet famous for my groundbreaking fuck yeah Steven Page tumblr. His performances over the summer at Canadian folk festivals seemed awesome from what I could watch on youtube. It's not that I didn't like the other guys contributions to songs like Break Your Heart or What a Good Boy, but Break Your Heart especially works on the strength of his singing and he is 100% my favorite singer of all time, so good luck with all that Barenaked Ladies the non-Steven Page era. Steven Page solo (mp3 of him singing Break Your Heart solo)! To borrow an expression I'm not fond of, haters to the left. People who don't care about line-up changes of bands that were most popular in the mid-to-late 90's to the right, to borrow an expression I just made up. Anyway, I can't dislike people who sing with the Mountain Goats or do awesome covers of Billy Joel songs.

Also, I've got plans to visit Canada next year to see him in concert with my parents. Because I'm a huge crazyface, I guess.

15. Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg is just generally awesome. I plan to buy Star Trek soon, but other than that I don't know what he's going to be in or anything. I just enjoy him and his geekery a whole bunch.

16. Chris Pine

I've not watched any of his non-Star Trek movies yet, but I probably will if I ever return my movies featuring Simon Baker to Blockbuster. I'd like to maybe see the one with Lindsay Lohan or that one about wine where he has ridiculous-looking hair. Something.

17. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is fantastic in everything he's in. I didn't love love I Love You, Man, but I adored him in it. Actually, I probably liked Role Models better, mostly because I kind of like him best when he's a bit of a jerk. Knocked Up is great for Paul Rudd being a bit of jerk too.

18. James Scott

James Scott plays E.J. on Days of Our Lives. Some day I hope he achieves Jensen Ackles levels of fame and gets a show on the CW as he is currently achieving Jensen Ackles levels of hotness. His hotness is basically why I continue to watch Days of Our Lives. He had really bad hair for a couple months and I stopped watching. True story. Also, the plots were getting kind of shit, but lets pretend it's because he looks bad with bad hair. His plot the last month has been awesome, though it involves babies switched at birth, which is, like, totally an epidemic in America according to soap operas (to be fair, part of this plot is the exact same thing that's happening on Glee, so critically-acclaimed shows can be just as bad as soap operas). But anyway, it's very good because he gets to be angry a lot, which is hot (Here's a clip from maybe a month ago that's trying very hard to be serious, but is kind of hilarious). I'm still sad he's no longer a genuine psycho who shoots people and brainwashes other people and rapes the rest. I'm still perplexed as to how people can buy him as a romantic dude when he raped a lady, but whatever, I guess he's like the Roman Polanski of the Days universe and people are like, "Whatever, whatever, he's so talented!" Except in this case, by talented they mean seriously fucking hot and he's fictional and not an actual rapist who fled prosecution for over thirty years and is all surprised when people don't actually stop caring about the law and how you broke it. Anyhow, E.J. was super hot as an evildoer and now he's just sort of addicted to rageahol, but not in an evil way, just a generally douchey way. I'm big into Days at the moment. Because of E.J., but also they've brought back my absolute favorite characters from the early 90's, Carly and Vivian. It's exciting! My favorite plot ever on Days of Our Lives was when Vivian buried Carly alive and then taunted her in her grave. That was such good times. Yay, soap operas! Yay, James Scott!

(There aren't very many pictures of James Scott on the internet, which is sad. Or there are, but they're all of him shirtless and I appreciate him for things other than shirtlessness. Like how he's British and other superficial things like that. I just find the classic soap opera theme of people falling into pools all, "Now I have to take my shirt off for the rest of the episode!" tiring. Just FYI)

19. John Simm

John Simm is amazing in Life on Mars and State of Play and everything else he's been in, but let's focus on how hot he is when he's attempting to be a rock star. If you aren't aware, he used to be in a band called Magic Alex and their album is pretty decent. There's a three-part "documentary" about them on youtube, which is amazing because of the John Simm played guitar in a band novelty of it all. Then there's this video where he wanders around on stage with New Order. That's pretty hot too. Finally, 24 Hour Party People is a good movie and includes scenes like this, where John Simm sings and plays guitar.

20. David Tennant

I am still super behind on Doctor Who, but when is David Tennant not awesome? Never, that's when. I rest my case. I am going to cry so hard when he leaves Doctor Who, because when does Doctor Who not make me cry? Never, that's when.

P.S. Hi, I realize I haven't updated in like months and months. I've had this entry saved as a draft for months and months and I'd go to update and then fall asleep or something? Then it got awkward because it was such a long time and I totally relate to Nicole on America's Next Top Model with the being super awkward and eating lunch alone, so things. I'm awkward and feel weird about posting sometimes (I already feel awkward about posting after so long, I'm a huge weirdo!). Also, when Jay was being a jerk to Nicole about how she maybe comes across as a snob, I was like, is this my life? Are you reading my thoughts? I worry about sounding like a jerky jerk too! Please to be giving me the America's Next Top Model crown, Tyra Banks! (There's an America's Next Top Model crown, yes?). So I went to finish this today and was surprised I hadn't been around in much longer than I actually thought. My bad.

In the time it took me to write and post this entry, I have found new celebrities to obsess over. Like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tim Roth, that guy who plays Ted on Better Off Ted, etc. So I am about to go out of town for a day or so, but after that I will update every day! For a week! Then you'll wish I would go back to my once every sixteen weeks posting.
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