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"I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust"

My favorite movies I watched last year (whether or not they came out last year, which they mostly did). I'd worry about the mootness of such a post, what with it being well into the new year, but I figured I had till the Golden Globes tomorrow to make this post. I saw Precious Thursday night, so I've finally seen all the movies nominated for dramatic Best Picture at the Globes and now I'll be properly able to seethe in anger if whatever I want to win doesn't win. I am not going to see all the comedy/musical nominations (but I'll maybe still seethe with anger if The Hangover doesn't win), because I have negative interest in It's Complicated, like it's nice that Meryl Streep is older and in romantic triangles with people, but man that looks like a crappy movie.

I saw A Single Man this morning, which was basically a two-hour long fashion ad, but I have a deep love of fashion ads, so I liked it. Not well enough to pretend like I saw it last year and include it in my visual, like I did with Inglourious Basterds, but if you like close-ups of people smoking as much as I do, then go see it immediately.

Under the cut, is a similar visual of 25 of my favorite movies from 2000-2009. I couldn't choose a best movie of the decade, because I'm indecisive and I don't really like making proclamations like that. This is why I'm not a film critic. That and I'm awful at reviewing movies. Many other reasons too, I'm sure. For my Senior Thesis in high school, I reviewed movies and they were really bad. It was a fun project, I just find it hard to write seriously about movies. Sometimes I just want to be like, "I liked this movie because Colin Firth is really pretty. The end!" Film is something I would like to major in, if I ever go back to non-community college college, but I definitely would not put that degree to use writing critically about movies (I don't know what I would put that degree to use as).

I nearly included Superbad and Return to Me and I feel like I should have included Return to Me, since it's my favorite romantic comedy of the decade. I'm defining romantic comedy narrowly here, like I wouldn't really consider About a Boy a romantic comedy per se. More like The Proposal and things like that. I'm not a huge romantic comedy fan, but Return to Me always seems so much nicer than most romantic comedies. I like that the plot isn't one where the leads hate each other until they suddenly love each other. I also really like David Duchovny. I also like Roger Ebert's review of it.

I almost posted this with Magnolia on it, because I was under the mistaken impression it was from 2000, not 1999. That would have been embarrassing. I think Magnolia is fantastic and after seeing Julianne Moore in A Single Man, I have a huge desire to re-watch it.
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