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Are we having fun yet?

If your dog or cat had a mobile phone, who would be listed first on her or his speed dial?

What? I stop updating my Livejournal for ages like I'm wont to do and I come back to this question? I would say the Pentagon or some shit like that, because I'm sure they would be interested in my dog who can operate a mobile phone. I'm assuming here that my dog can talk, because why else would he have a mobile phone? It wouldn't make sense if he had a mobile phone, but couldn't talk! I would hate to get incomprehensible phone calls from my dog!

Here is a list of things I've done lately:

1. Not much.

2. I've bought a bunch of concert tickets. I have been screaming (no, I haven't) every time I find out about new concerts that I would die to go see this summer. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros! Adam Lambert! The Black Keys! Oh my fucking god, The National! The last time I saw the National it was in some shitty bar and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! opened for them and then no one stayed for the National. The Black Keys are perfection and I've been dying to see them for ages. And Adam Lambert is touring with Allison Iraheta and I'm super excited. It will be only the second time I've seen someone from American Idol outside their natural habitat of the American Idol concerts. I also saw Constantine Maroulis and his super awful band ages ago. Because I'm lame and loved Constantine a lot.

3. Speaking of American Idol, I haven't mentioned it at all this season. It's so awful! I feel like I say that every year, but this season, for real, the worst. I feel like Ryan lives in a house made out of money and monkey butlers and no longer understands normal human interaction. He just goes straight from Idol to throwing money around in his money pool. Like he was great for about two seasons? And now he's pawing at the judges and trying to get people to cry and generally being a huge dick. I do love Simon's thoughts on food, which have been making their way into too many of his critiques, like, "You know how when you get a cookie for dessert and you're like but I wanted a raspberry torte? And you know how you're disappointed by the cookie, even though you love cookies? And how that's like the song you just sang?" LOVE IT. Please write a blog about how the foods that disappoint you are analogies for people sucking when you quit American Idol, Simon Cowell!

The main problem is that a ton of the people this year are interesting, but American Idol isn't really good at playing to the strengths of interesting people. It's just like, "Sing Frank Sinatra songs! Fuck you if that's not what you're good at!" So it's boring and lame. Like I wish more people other than Chris Daughtry would leave this show and start an actual band. Since Chris Daughtry is the worst, he doesn't count. I think David Cook sort of did this? I didn't previously like David Cook and then I bought one of his songs last week and listened to it a million times in a row. Why am I feeling the things I'm feeling?

4. Doctor Who is AMAZING this season. I wanted David Tennant to be the Doctor for the rest of his life, but I adore Matt Smith so, so much. He's so charming! And he makes amazing gestures and faces. I like him better as the Doctor than David Tennant. I don't know what I'm saying. And Amy and Rory are the best and I love it so much. I actually watch it every Saturday night as soon as I can download it, which is unusual because in the past I tended to end up like a season behind what was actually airing. So, yay, new Doctor Who!

5. In conclusion, I want to do one of those 30 day memes, but I can't decide between the million I've seen. So, I'll probably just pick 30 of my favorite topics from all the 30 day memes and create my own super meme. Then I'll definitely update for 30 days. For real. Not lying. This will actually happen. Or I'll just be offended by the Writer's Block questions for 30 days or something. Something like that.
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