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You lied to me! You said my father was my father, but my uncle is my father. My father is my uncle!

I went to Lollapalooza for the second year in a row like a month ago. Let's pretend like I updated right after I came back and not thousands of years later. Basically, it was great and then it rained a lot and I maybe would have, like, wept openly in public if not for the fact that I don't weep openly in public when The Mountain Goats played You Were Cool:

This is not even like the greatest song or anything, it's basically just the It Gets Better campaign set to music, nor is it anywhere near one of my favorite Mountain Goats songs, but I had to be all, "Do not weep openly in public!" during the whole thing. Stop making me feel all the feelings, John Darnielle! Aside from the Mountain Goats (who are the best forever and ever), I also enjoyed Big Audio Dynamite, Coldplay, Beirut, J Roddy Walston & the Business, Black Lips, Le Butcherettes, Lord Huron, and Bright Eyes. Big Audio Dynamite was my legit favorite of the weekend (I'm nostalgic for reunions of 80's bands I've never listened to before), followed closely by the amazing food. Also, I saw Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad being super adorable with a child and if I at all watched Breaking Bad I might be more interested in this anecdote. I would totally go again next year in order to not cry while watching fantastic bands.

My semi-summer break has mainly consisted of watching soap operas. I kind of obsessively watched a bunch of old Days of Our Lives tapes for most of the summer which prevented me from doing things like going out and having a life. But Days of Our Lives used to be so decent! And it used to have nice lighting and set design (I also took an Intro to Film class this summer so I'm clearly an expert on lighting and set design)! Now it has bad lighting and too many potted plants as background decoration. And boring plots, lets not forget the boring plots. Then about a month ago, I started watching One Life to Live, because why not pick up a decades old soap opera that's going off the air in January. It's actually kind of funny and good at the moment! I've never watched any other soap operas aside from Days of Our Lives, so I don't know why I'm so, yay soap operas! right now. I have questionable taste in everything. So now I stay up till four in the morning watching old One Life to Live plot lines on YouTube and I have little time for things like updating LiveJournal or sleep.
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