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Texas forever

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop stealing crafts from work and turning them into Friday Night Lights characters.

Lets discuss how I watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights in about two weeks! Or how Netflix on demand is the greatest? Or, more importantly, how I'm supposed to be finishing a paper on Thelma and Louise that's due today, but I don't want to do that, I want to talk about Friday Night Lights forever and ever?

A slightly abbreviated list of things I love about Friday Night Lights since I really should be studying for exams:
1. Everything.
2. Kyle Chandler.

Once final exams are over on Thursday and I've written way too much about Thelma and Louise, I will probably write way too much about Friday Night Lights and how it's the best show ever and about the time I watched ten episodes of season 4 in one day. That's the way to watch shows though, right? Just wait till they're over and then watch 76 episodes in two weeks? Can't shows just make five seasons all at once, with none of this waiting several months between seasons stuff? Just revolutionize the TV industry and whatnot. And five seasons is about the perfect number of seasons, because I would prefer shows to end while they're good, rather than go on forever so that I start to resent their very existence.

Speaking of shows that should go on forever so I can learn to resent them, I was way disappointed to learn that One Life to Live is not going to end up online after it's finale on ABC. It can't be over, I just started watching it! Soap operas, man! Jesus, ABC, how can you cancel a show that lends itself to YouTube video descriptions like this:
While on her way to Heaven (via spaceship!), Viki (who's actually in a coma) faces up against her alternate personality, Niki Smith.

I mean, that's like the greatest thing I've ever read. Who doesn't want to watch people in spaceships arguing with their split personality? Get it together ABC, everyone wants to watch that.
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