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"It's an unfortunate non-hereditary ailment that I inherited from my mother"

Lollapalooza's full schedule release was last week, which is the most exciting time of the year! Making hypothetical schedules based on set times is my favorite thing to do (the first year I went, I even made printouts of the schedule and commandeered the laminator from work to make tiny laminated schedules). It's almost more exciting than actually going to Lollapalooza and walking from one end of the festival to the other in 90 degree heat in order to see both Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. If you would like to see my tentative Lollapalooza fun times, here's my schedule. I will be most bummed if Delta Spirit doesn't play "Devil Knows You're Dead" because then I won't be able to sob and have all the Friday Night Lights series finale feelings all over again.

Since I have been a neglectful poster and since I'm not taking any classes this summer for the first time in ages, I'm doing a 30 day meme. I mashed together 4 different 30 day memes to create one where I might actually want to post about all the topics (full disclosure: I totally came up with this idea about a year ago and never got around to doing it).

Day 1 - A show that should never have been canceled

Fraternity Row! I mean, One Life to Live!

Never is a strange word in this context. At some point most shows should be canceled or at the very least end, you know? Should One Life to Live have really never been canceled and actually gone on forever into some sort of dystopian future where our alien overlords allow us breaks from working in the alien salt mines to watch afternoon soap operas somehow? (This is what Prometheus is about, yes?)


Here's how not over One Life to Live I am: I'm actually watching General Hospital for the three characters and the head writer they brought over from OLTL. I kind of never liked General Hospital! I couldn't even sustain interest in it when James Franco was on. I would even go so far as to say that most of the characters are awful (I have a hard enough time caring about Michael in The Godfather, which is a brilliant and complex film, so cram it with walnuts, Sonny and Jason from General Hospital). But the OLTL characters! John McBain! My favorite good-looking fictional police officer named after a Simpsons character! Todd! My favorite good-looking fictional scumbag not named after a Simpsons character! Starr! She's there too! There should be way more of these idiots, since they are the best! Just say a meteor landed on Llanview and they all need to move somewhere. I hope when General Hospital is canceled they all take their show on the road to Days of Our Lives. At the very least, just John McBain, because Days of Our Lives badly needs a good-looking, non-horribly smug police officer.

Now they're doing a dead baby switch with a General Hospital character and a One Life to Live character, which is kind of awesome even though baby switches have been done to death on soaps. They also did a Weekend at Bernie's homage 20 years too late which was really dumb, but also hilarious, and it didn't involve any OLTL characters exactly and was still somehow better than anything going on over at Days of Our Lives these days (which I am enjoying at the moment because it's so bad it's good. The recent episode where someone killed Stefano is an instant comedy classic). But most importantly, Blair is coming back this summer and OH EM MOTHERFUCKING GEE Blair/Todd is like the only soap opera couple that I have legit feelings about (well, I have feelings about bringing just Kayla back to Days of Our Lives, wasting her by not letting her out of the Brady Pub for six months, and then having her break-up with Patch off-screen last week, but I'm trying to not care about that) - SO MANY FUCKING FEELINGS - like mainly how if Todd is not with Blair than I ship him with crippling loneliness because he is a scumbag, but also how his horribly misguided and usually illegal attempts to woo her are the greatest thing ever? Excuse me, while I go watch YouTube videos about their love set to terrible songs I hate (like My Heart Will Go On doesn't exactly scream dysfunctional love story about a semi-charming asshole and the pretty woman who loves him; maybe the only song that would scream something like that would be a Mountain Goats song about people who shouldn't be together but are in love and obsessed with other, like Old College Try or International Small Arms Traffic Blues).

A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the name of a single character or actor on One Life to Live. Now I could write a ten-page paper about it. I'M SORRY FOR BASICALLY DOING THAT! I'm not sorry. When I first came up with this meme, I was going to mention that I've never cared about Firefly being canceled and Nathan Fillion has never been someone I've been all that into (lets turn this into an unpopular opinions meme!), but then I learned that he used to be on One Life to Live and he still hangs out with people from the show and I'm like, "Nathan Fillion! You're the best!"

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