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Objection! Argumentative and ridiculous!

good news everyone exclamation point this raúl esparza thing is fast becoming a full-on situation stop i have lost the ability to use proper english stop my capital letters have disappeared too stop both can probably be found in the depths of youtube along with whatever i did with my life before swooning all night every night over raúl esparza singing and talking and being handsome like some sort of singing, talking, handsome person stop

NO SERIOUSLY STOP IMMEDIATELY I CAN'T HANDLE IT! I haven't taken Spanish since high school, yet I have watched this so many times because of foreign language hotness. Maybe I will magically understand it eventually; maybe I will just constantly sigh over all the lovely Spanish-singing. ¡ESTA ES UNA PROBLEMA (JESÚS TAKE LA WHEEL)! He is supposed to be doing some Spanish-talking on tonight's episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and also it's their ripped-from-the-Anthony-Weiner-headlines episode! What a terrible, amazing show I'm sure it will be. I really wish SVU would just do a musical episode already - they cast so many Broadway stars that it's kind of a tease that no one ever sings. I would also accept some light choreography.

Now I really must get back to contemplating watching Company for the fifth time in like the past week (I've honestly not done much else aside from watch musicals since I last updated about musicals, sorry!). No joke, he's absolutely fantastic in it. What a ridiculously talented life-ruiner.
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