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Are we all in agreement that obsessing over that Future Islands performance on David Letterman is the only thing we should collectively be doing at the moment? I want to live in this video forever. Like, I think David Letterman can just stop booking bands because these guys won the most amazing performance on David Letterman award that no one was aware even existed before they played (I'm being hyperbolic obviously, but at the same exact time, no I'm not, not even in the slightest).

Here's how into this I am: I posted this on Facebook. FUCKING FACEBOOK YOU GUYS! I haven't posted on Facebook in ages! I remember when it was 2004 and it was called The Facebook and you had to have some sort of .edu email address to even get a The Facebook account and the Winklevoss twins competed in the Henley Royal Regatta, but lost which was a metaphor for how Mark Zuckerberg screwed them over and it was all delightful (lets also discuss how the Henley Royal Regatta scene from The Social Network is one of my favorite film scenes of all time, like I would have rioted if The Social Network hadn't won the best film editing Oscar purely based on how on-point the editing in that scene was). Now all your conservative relatives are on Facebook writing things like, "lololol you guys, i'm pretty sure obama is racist smh!" and posting articles about Christian values on Dancing with the Stars. If I want to connect with you, I'll come visit at Christmas and attempt to steer the conversation clear of politics. And if that wasn't bad enough, I absolutely do not care about your impending nuptials, person I haven't talked to since high school, though if I did, I would not need daily updates (but I hope you have a happy life and good luck!!!!!!!). And I know we're now trying to reconfigure the selfie as some sort of means of self-empowerment, which fine, go for it, have so much fun, I give up, but maybe keep some of your selfies in a folder on your computer, because you have posted so many in the past week.

Long story short, this is Facebook-worthy.

Anyway, this song is off their album, Singles, which was released on Tuesday and quite frankly, it's the best thing I've heard in ages. I can't stop listening to it; it is mesmerizing.
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