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“What in the crippling fuck is going on with you?"

Lets gab about TV, okay? At one point I was going to attempt to gab about Days of Our Lives, but it is hard to get excited about a show that regularly features a character carrying around a bag of shredded paper (INTRIGUING!), a character whose entire personality is "I have a pile of fake ID's!" (TELL ME MORE!), and two characters having a relationship crisis over the best way to balance a checkbook (SURREAL!). The days of our lives are very mundane and tedious the show seems to be arguing now. Besides, The Good Wife season 5 is the best thing on TV.

It is weird to discuss The Good Wife for the first time after [BIG SPOILER] happened, but I was going to originally talk about it a couple months ago after I watched all 100+ episodes in about three weeks, you know, before [BIG SPOILER] happened. There could be a lesson to be learned here about being a better updater, but I don't like to learn lessons. It is also weird to proclaim that this is the most goddamn delightful show on television since [BIG SPOILER] wasn't exactly goddamn delightful, but it's true, this is the most goddamn delightful show on TV. I enjoyed [BIG SPOILER] more than many people apparently did, but it is a known fact that I'm a bit of a jerk. Still, this is the best show on network TV and probably the best show on non-network TV too, like lets stop being assholes about the distinction between network and non-network TV as if only fancypants amazing shows are on networks like HBO, AMC, or Cloo. I'm pretty sure Entourage is no better than Dads.

But, seriously, what a fun show and what a stacked cast. Christine Baranski is a national treasure, Alan Cumming has a fantastic outraged face, Josh Charles makes playing a ridiculous person seem easy, Archie Panjabi and Matt Czuchry are super hot, and that's not even getting into the guest stars (Michael J. Fox! Martha Plimpton! Peter Bogdanovich!). Then there's Julianna Margulies, who deserves all the awards for everything she does, but mostly for this:


Alicia Florrick for president of the world! The Good Wife for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys! [BIG SPOILER] for who even cares anymore, this show is always amazing.

Hannibal (which I also just watched all of in a week) also is an amazing network TV show, though I deduct a couple of points from it since I can't bear to watch a lot of the 'I built a beehive in yr brain!' murder-of-the-week nonsense. It's a very close second behind The Good Wife, though. They both do great, interesting things with the whole procedural format and Hannibal in particular has the most amazing cinematography and seriously, would it even be as good as it is if Mads Mikkelsen wasn't making cannibal puns in under-lit, intricately designed rooms? Though I do think that The Good Wife has a way more interesting visual style than, say, Law & Order: Special fucking Victims Unit (which I have grown to resent, because it is terrible, yet I can't stop watching it). I adore The Good Wife's long tracking shots set to classical music, like get out, long tracking shots are the best (that True Detective 6-minute tracking shot was like an early birthday present). But even when I can't look at the weird dead bodies on Hannibal, I know they look amazing and are probably symbolic of something. I'm not sure why anyone would even still be living in the greater Baltimore area if human cellos and dead people trees are constantly being found, but whatever ("Hey, honey, some guy was making a human mural!" "That's it, I'm calling a realtor!").

Talking about cinematography and mise-en-scene is fun and all, but even if Hannibal looked like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, I would still be watching it, because lets be real, Raúl Esparza continues to ruin my life and my sleep schedule by being amazing. This whole entry has obviously been leading to this video (this is my design etc. etc. ad infinitum):

Do you see?! DO YOU SEE?! This is my new everything and I'm going to watch it forever and forever.
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