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James Scott is leaving Days of Our Lives! This is terrible news for me! Even though I can hardly blog about anything else, I barely watch Days of Our Lives anymore and what little Days of Our Lives I do watch is mostly James Scott as E.J. related. Perhaps this is actually good news for me as I can now stop watching this dumb show.

We'll always have that time that E.J. brainwashed Steve through the cunning use of a tarot card!

What a fun plot that was! What ramifications it had on current plot lines! jk nothing on this show matters, nothing relates to anything, everything is useless! I went through my Days of Our Lives tag and ages ago I said that Nick was adorable and not at all evil and haha, joke's on me, because now Nick is evil and not at all adorable! What good character development! (But I'm serious, I loved this tarot card mind manipulation plot, like I really don't think I'm asking for much from this stupid show, I LOVED TAROT CARD MIND MANIPULATION FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I LIKE ALMOST EVERYTHING).

We'll also have that extended time when all E.J. did was sexually assault and harass Sami!

HAHA AND NOW THEY ARE A SUPER POPULAR ROMANTIC COUPLE! Haha! James Scott is so good-looking, end of story! Like, not going to lie, I loved when E.J. was super evil and stalking Sami and shooting John and tarot card mind manipulating Steve, but none of this is the basis for a romantic love for the goddamn ages. A few months ago, Sami and E.J. yelled at each other for an entire episode until they both went literally hoarse and it was like, I know you guys have downgraded his rape to some really gross sexual manipulation, but at the least (the very fucking least!) stop yelling at each other for entire episodes in the interest of romance. I'm glad that they both were trying (they were legit hoarse ok!), but come on. I still hope that Sami and E.J. leave together and Sami remembers he was a race car driver so they get his race car out of the garage he's been storing it in and they drive off into the sunset and then the car flies into the air and everyone waves at them just like at the end of Grease. Perfect ending for a perfect couple. P.S. James Scott was super hot. Is hot. He hasn't died or anything.

I mean, once he and Sami leave, who even is left on this show? For that matter, what sets are even left on this show? If you have more than a bed in a windowless room, you know your character is going places. Kassie DePaiva, who played my girl Blair on One Life to Live, is coming on this summer as the new Eve Donovan, but like, I don't even think I care anymore. What will she do, aside from be hot and act circles around everybody? I'm still sad they cancelled online One Life to Live and I doubt that Days will use her as well as OLTL did. Unless they somehow make a play for Roger Howarth over at General Hospital and then try to recreate Blair/Todd but with dumb Days characters, which inevitably wouldn't work, but even so, I would still so be into that trainwreck. I just want more Blair and Todd! Roger Howarth is so good-looking that I think people believe he'd make a good romantic lead, but maybe he's actually terrible at that, except when it involves Kassie DePaiva? I don't know, but I'm just going to admit right now that I watched five years of his As the World Turns plot lines on YouTube last summer because I think he's so good-looking and I would not be surprised if someone had told him his character was secretly a narcoleptic as a joke, but he played it that way for the entire time he was on the show and people on set were constantly like, "IT WAS A JOKE!" and he was like, "I DON'T THINK IT WAS!" (It was a dark time in my life, thank you for letting me admit I spent an entire summer watching a single character's plots from a soap opera I never watched in my life on YouTube). None of this relates to James Scott, except in that I hope General Hospital casts him as someone.

Actual P.S. I got a new job! This is clearly not as important as James Scott leaving Days, but now I work at an animal shelter and dogs and cats listen to me better than little kids ever did, so fun!
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