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The Barenaked Ladies are triple platinum, are you?

The Normal Heart, you guys (I'm eschewing any sort of conversational opener here, like 'so the weather' or 'my new job is great, I pet cats all day, how is your life?' or 'sorry I haven't updated in awhile, what the fuck is happening with LiveJournal' because who cares, lets just jump into this). You guys, The Normal Heart. What a fantastic and tragic movie (tragitastic?). I was on vacation when it aired and I tried downloading it in our condo, but the Wi-Fi was absolutely terrible, which was actually maybe a blessing in disguise because I don't really think an AIDS drama would have been the best fit for the beach (I'm sorry for complaining about shoddy Wi-Fi in a discussion of The Normal Heart). I ended up watching it alone in the dark at like 2 am, because I knew my parents would want to watch it and I had to see it without them so that I could cry all over it the first time and then I'd be able to do the stoic robot thing the second time around (this is also what I did when I re-watched Doctor Who with them and got to "The Angels Take Manhattan"). It made me sad, but it was hopeful in a way, and kudos to Ryan Murphy because it was visually stunning.

I will be happy to see the entire cast win awards for it for like the next year. Everyone talks about how good Matt Bomer is and it's true, but Matt Bomer is also too good-looking. I don't mean like, "Matt Bomer is too good-looking, I can't get over it, I'm going to roll around on the floor with pictures of him" - mostly because I don't roll around on the floor with pictures of anyone - I mean, "Matt Bomer is too good-looking and therefore he's dead to me." Like he's so good-looking that it circles back around to me having no interest in Matt Bomer. Also, he's got a husband with a really fancy job or something and probably lots of good-looking children, so his life seems annoyingly perfect. Matt Bomer needs an eye patch and child support payments for me to relate to him.

So, yes, Matt Bomer was great and he's handsome and Mark Ruffalo was great and he's handsome and on and on, but I was surprised by how great and handsome Jim Parsons is. Basically everything he did made me cry, god, his eulogy speech was devastating, and I wasn't expecting that. I will admit it: I very much like The Big Bang Theory, but I marathoned maybe the first three seasons about four years ago and then I immediately stopped watching it on any sort of regular basis. When I originally watched it, I was very attracted to Johnny Galecki and DVR'd hours of Roseanne re-runs on Nick at Nite, so I never really thought about Jim Parsons before and I had certainly never seen him outside of The Big Bang Theory context. Or the constant Emmy-winning context and I don't begrudge anyone multiple Emmys, even Jon Cryer, because who cares, except constant Emmy-winning is boring, so even if Andy Samberg wins for the next three seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I'd probably sigh about it at some point (if I did sigh when Jim Parsons won last year, then I'm retroactively sorry). We also had a bad selection of cable channels on vacation (again, I'm sorry about complaining about cable choices while discussing The Normal Heart), and I mostly watched Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory, so maybe that prepared me to like him, but man, he is, I kid you not, the most adorable man on the planet. I did not realize what a genuinely delightful and nice human being he is and I kind of can't get over it. He is almost too much, like how is it possible that he is that fantastic AND the star of a Chuck Lorre sitcom? (I cut Chuck Lorre the tiniest bit of slack for Two and a Half Men, simply because Cybil was one of my favorite shows in the 90s).

All my entries lately basically turn into tumblr posts at some point and this one will be no different because I need to discuss this Jim Parsons thing with videos. I still have a tumblr that I could post videos and the like on, but I feel like tumblr is for those young people who I don't understand and who are better at the internet that I am. I turned 29 last month and had to get a new prescription for my glasses, so I am clearly too old and blind for tumblr. I swear to christ, they sent me an email today all 'what are you even doing right now?' and I was literally at my desk like 'fuck you tumblr, I am not 13, I have an actual job I am supposed to be doing right now.' What are you even doing today, good god, calm down tumblr emails.

I could post a million videos of things like Jon Stewart appearing to be utterly charmed by what a nice person Jim Parsons is or Jim Parsons appearing to be utterly charmed by Giuliana Rancic's red carpet antics because he is clearly a nicer person than I or Jim Parsons being excited by life practically everywhere, but mostly when Conan O'Brien drives him and an audience member to The Big Bang Theory set. Forget all that, though. He's been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson something like 11 times and he and Craig together are great. I don't know how to pick just one interview, because they are all fantastic. In this one, Jim has words with Geoff Peterson, discusses House Hunters International, is so delighted to play a big cash prize game, and wins my heart by reciting an entire scene from The Simpsons.

Then there's this interview where Craig attempts to explain Doctor Who to him and it is everything and more.

I'll spare more embedding, but 2nd runner up is this interview in which he is basically just aggressively nice the entire time and jeez, my heart, I can't handle it. Not Craig Ferguson related, but there's also an hour and a half long SAG Foundation conversation with him in which he has interesting things to say about his theater work, admits he has never seen Star Trek, gets emotional about The Normal Heart, and is just generally nice and smart and good-looking and I'm going to say this as someone who just bought 6 seasons of The Big Bang Theory on Blu-Ray, though that was mostly because it was a deep discount I couldn't pass up, but for god's sake, FREE JIM PARSONS FROM THE BIG BANG THEORY! This man is clearly a national treasure and we should treat him better.

This entry really got away from me at some point. You guys, The Normal Heart. The Normal Heart, you guys.
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