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Tell her you want her to donate her body to science, and you science.

I am here to calmly discuss the latest thing to drag me into a vicious cycle of watching one YouTube video and then watching every suggested video aka the reason I'm an insomniac.

I have been blasting Stay With Me by Sam Smith in my car all summer because it plays constantly on the radio, but only a couple days ago did I actually check out the rest of his album, In the Lonely Hour, and it is perfect. PERFECT! Did you see him on the VMA's? SO PERFECT! If you saw the VMA's, did you see that kid from 5 Seconds of Summer with his flannel shirt tied around his waist? Is that a style thing still, I totally don't think it's a style thing still. Not knowing if things are things is generally my reaction to the VMA's. I get why Sam Smith is a thing, though. That voice! That hair! That cover of How Will I Know! Like, dude is not reinventing any wheels here, but what an amazing, Beyoncé-loving wheel Sam Smith is. I'm not even going to get into how many times I've listened to I'm Not the Only One because it's a lot (I've listened to the entire album like ridiculous amounts of times though). I did sort of have a moment when I realized that he was born in the 90's and that shouldn't be possible ("how can an adult human have been born in the mid-90's?"). I hope the Google street view car I passed today got a picture of me with with my windows down, blasting Lay Me Down and making dramatic hand gestures.

I am falling down on the keeping up with the musics of today thing, because basically I've bought In the Lonely Hour and Singles by Future Islands this year and that's kind of it. They're both so good and I will have a terrible time choosing which one I like best at the end of the year. Future Islands came to town recently and played a show at 1 am in a bar during a fashion festival and I was like everything about that description sounds like the worst.

I will return to LiveJournal again with another installment of 'who's ruining my life now?' when I am obsessed with a new singer or actor or professional good-looking person. In the meantime, you can now validate my existence on Instagram!
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