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You could watch Bloodline or you could stare at this picture of Kyle Chandler for 13 hours, either works.
(Alternatively, you could watch Norbert Leo Butz's 2011 Tony Award performance for 13 hours, because dude is fucking super talented)

I'll be honest: I watched Bloodline in 3 days and then I started watching it again. Some people like fantasy shows about befriending dragons, I like dramas about families with depressing secrets and good-looking faces. This show has everything I love:

1. Kyle Chandler
2. Broadway stars
3. Foreboding aerial shots of pretty scenery:

(bad things are going to happen!)
4. Copious drinking (clear eyes, full hearts, can't stop drinking Heineken)
5. Kyle Chandler's hair
6. This obnoxious headband/sunglasses combo:

The list goes on and generally involves Kyle Chandler. The first season was kind of like season one of Broadchurch, mostly because it was nearly perfect and I'm not sure that there needs to be a second season. And now there's going to be a third season of Broadchurch? I wasn't convinced re: a second season and I'm really not convinced there needs to be a third season. I love the show and I'll watch Olivia Colman and David Tennant do their thing for however long it goes on, but certain shows should just end while they're still interesting.

(There's an alternate version of this post that is just video after video of Norbert Leo Butz performances ranked on a scale of 1 to 'I'm not crying, you're crying'. It would have been semi-incoherent and gone on forever because he's perfect and I'm obsessed. Just do a youtube search for him and then watch all the videos multiple times and cry a lot and that's a fairly good approximation of my life/what that post would have been like)
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