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Electro-City is such a cruel place to live!

I was in New York City for the better part of last week. I didn't see the Empire State Building (which I keep wanting to call the Eiffel Tower, because I secretly wish I had gone to Paris), the 9/11 Memorial (#neverforget), or the Statue of Liberty (I saw it from the plane, does that count?), but I did see Jim Parsons and Raúl Esparza in plays and that's all that matters, right? RIGHT?

(photos courtesy of my instagram, please follow me!)

New York City is lovely, absolutely lovely, but there's a bit too much of it, I feel. Like, lets reduce it a little, maybe just Central Park and the Meatpacking District would be fine. Like not literally reduce it, I'm not an actual monster, but something to that effect. I hadn't been there in nearly twenty years (I'm very old as evidenced by the fact that I'm still posting on LiveJournal) and I am very, very tired from all the walking. Also, Times Square is a hellhole that I walked towards and then away from at a very fast pace. My co-workers kept asking if I was going to stand in the TKTS line and I was always like, "No, I'm not a peasant, I've bought very expensive tickets already." I just don't get Times Square or the TKTS line or New York City, really, but I'd like to get it someday. I'd like to go back every time a famous person I have a deep affection for is in a play (the only way this trip would have been more amazing is if Norbert Leo Butz had been in anything, a musical, a play, the Duane Reade on 57th and 6th, anything).

I reiterate, though, New York City is lovely. Did I mention I saw Raúl Esparza and he sang and danced and I wasn't expecting that, like I know he sings and dances, I'm obsessed with the man, I just didn't realize that Cymbeline was going to have singing and dancing. I was not prepared for Cymbeline in many ways - my dad and I even got lost in Central Park trying to get to the theater and we both blame the statue of Balto, not our poor map-reading skills. I entered the online lottery for Cymbeline tickets and I'm not going to lie, getting the email saying I had actually won tickets was quite possibly one of the greatest thrills of my life. The show was lovely, Central Park was lovely, and Raúl Esparza was, obviously, lovely.

Also, Jim Parsons needs to leave The Big Bang Theory because his talents are being wasted on that show and I enjoy that show. He's so good, you guys, SO GOOD!!! I wish TV was like professional sports and you could trade actors from one show to another and Jim Parsons could be traded to any show that is not The Big Bang Theory. I wouldn't care what it was, True Detective season 3, Bojack Horseman, American Ninja Warrior, whatfuckingever, he needs to go somewhere where he can be appreciated because he's SO GOOD!!! I bought a ridiculously expensive seat in the third row for An Act of God feat. Jim Parsons and I made my parents sit much farther back, because I'm a dick, but it was worth it (I paid for their tickets too even though I'm poor so don't worry about my parents, they had a very good time).

I also saw Fun Home and A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and they were both absolutely fantastic, they just didn't have Raúl Esparza or Jim Parsons (Michael Cerveris was amazing in Fun Home, but I'm not quite at 'watch everything on YouTube' levels of obsessed with him yet). They were both great, though! Support the theater! I'm very serious about that, I know I'm kind of glib and Raúl Esparza is very hot, but I genuinely love the theater whether it's in New York City or not. Yay, live theater!
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